Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ambulatory EEG

Byron met with his neurologist last week and she ordered an ambulatory EEG.  This means that Byron can be monitored at home during all normal activities (and sleep) for 24 hours.  This is so much better than doing it in a hospital for days!!

Today we went to Middletown to get hooked up.  It was easy but Byron did not enjoy it much.

Now that we are home, Byron needs to do all his activities in front of a video camera that travels in a suitcase.  So not only does he have his little power purse with him at all times, he is constantly on video.  We are also to keep a written log with times of all activities.  If he does have a seizure while he is being monitored, there is a button to push on the little purse.  This is exactly like the hospital protocol but again, so much easier to do at home.  

Tomorrow afternoon we return to have it all removed.  Then in a week we get the results.  If the neurologist sees a lot of activity she may choose to put him on medication.   

He's a brave and tolerant boy.


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