Saturday, November 9, 2019

Good Article about Hemispherectomy from The New Yorker

I'm glad I didn't read this before Byron's surgery.  It's the most detailed and graphic article I've read about Hemispherectomy.  It's from 2006.  Most people don't know that Ben Carson was a pioneer in this field.  From the article:

"No brain surgery is as dramatic as a hemispherectomy. “A hemispherectomy is the opposite of everything you are taught in neurosurgery,” Jallo told me. “You are told throughout your residency training to preserve the brain, get what you have to get, do your work and leave, but with this you have to take out everything along the way." 

New Yorker Article - "The Deepest Cut - How Can Someone Live with only Half a Brain"


Sweet Byron, who has lately been a very healthy guy, will be having a heart procedure called an ablation on Tuesday August 24. In February ...