Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sweet Memories

There are moments, as a mother, that you want to capture and remember so that when your child is older and maybe not so full of love, you can look back and smile at the memory.

When I pick up Byron from daycare, as I walk into the classroom, I spend a minute or two just watching him play, before he sees me.  And then, either he'll look up or the teacher will say "Byron  - look who's here."  Every time, he looks up, and when he sees me his whole body tenses with emotion.  He smiles, but he also look like he's going to cry.  He pounds his little left fist into his right hand over and over clapping, and shouts "Hooray!! Mommy's home!"

And then he runs full tilt and wraps his whole body around my legs.  I just love it.

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