Monday, January 25, 2010

Byron Gets Botox Today

When I first heard Byron's doctor recommend that he have botox injections. my reaction was "HUH??!"  It was explained to me that the spasticity in the muscles of his left arm was inhibiting the freedom of movement in his hand and was possibly interfering with the bone growth as well.   The doctor's note said "When injected directly into a spastic tight muscle, the Botox is absorbed into the nerve, which stops sending signals to the muscle near the injection site."  It lasts about 6-9 months, and if it works, they will do it again.

Byron's arm will be spread with anesthetic cream an hour before the procedure thus deadening some of the pain.  Unlike cosmetic botox, these shots will be painful.  Ugh!

We will be joined on the trip to Syracuse by our neighbor and friend Heather and her two year old son Eli.  Eli and Byron are really sweet friends.  After the shots we will go to the mall for a ride on the Carousel.

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