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Before and After - Stairs

I have very few before and after videos. Here is a new video of Byron walking down stairs - no braces.  Now look at the video below.  That was with full bracing shortly after the surgery - his toe was pointed WAYYYY in.  Great to see good progress!

Byron First Dorsal Rhizotomy Follow Up - Columbia

Today Byron had his 6 months follow up to the SDR surgery.  It was the first time we have seen his surgery and recovery team since November 2013.  The appointment was at Columbia Presbyterian at the Spasticity Clinic.

The comparison of the before with the after testing was very promising.  His spasticity numbers had decreased which was very good.  What was most surprising was their reaction to Byron himself.  One therapist said "He seems like a totally different kid!"

Byron was cooperative, friendly and relaxed.  This was in stark contrast to several of his earlier visits with this team.  Each time he visits there he is asked to walk, run, jump and they play a lot with his legs and arms.  This time he really seemed to enjoy it.

The BEST news is that he no longer has to wear a leg brace.  They could see no difference between the SMOs, the AFO and nothing at all.  Needless to say this is awesome!

Byron is walking better but he still has a long way to go.  His ankle is still r…

Byron is so Tall!!

Byron is 51 inches!