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Surgery Postponed!

We have very good news -  at least for now.  Byron had two more critical tests to complete on Monday and Tuesday even though the surgery was already scheduled for Feb 8.  

Surprisingly, the new EEG Byron had overnight on Monday night was excellent. The sub-clinical spiking that predicated the need for the surgery is nearly gone.  It went from him spiking every ten seconds during the day down to 1% and down from 85% to 11% at night.    So the small dose of Valium he is on, 5mg before bed, is really working.  

The second test was to determine if he has a field cut i.e. because of his stroke on the right side, the left side of each eye is vey likely not seeing.  It turns out, rather miraculously, he does not have any field cut.  The surgery he was about to have would absolutely give him this field cut.  So the surgeons are now hesitant to do this type of radical hemispherectomy surgery.
The recommendation is now to wait and see, retest in June and go from there.  We are very happy with this…