Tuesday, October 10, 2017

No date...yet

We arrived at the surgeons and he immediately told us Byron’s case had not been presented yet and would be on Thursday. He told us they were considering two options, functional hemispherectomy and the implantation of a Vagus Nerve Stimulator. I FREAKED out (a bit).  The VNS has a low success rate and is rarely used in kids with as much brain damage as Byron. Midway through my speech Bob had to interrupt me and say rather forcefully, “Denise, he is agreeing with you!”  Deep breath. Deep deep breath.  

Bob and Dr. Feldstein really connected. They both make pens with a lathe and they compared their handiwork with photos and samples.

By the end of the visit we agreed that they would call us soon with a surgery date. The surgery would likely be early November and would likely be the Functional Hemispherectomy. So again, we wait.   More soon. On the bus home now.

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