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Byron Pratt, age 11, has Cerebral Palsy (Right Hemiplegia) caused by a stroke before birth. In 2015 he developed seizures and a rare form of Epilepsy called ESES, neither of which responded to treatment with medications. On November 3, 2017 he had a Functional Hemispherectomy. He has had many other major procedures in his short life including surgery for exotropia in both eyes, tonsils and adenoids removal, Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), Constraint Therapy, and heel cord lengthening. The recent posts are about the Hemispherectomy and what follows. Older posts about other procedures can be found earlier in the blog or by links in the sidebar.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

At 6 Weeks Post Surgery

It's amazing that it has only been six weeks since Byron's surgery.  He is doing so well it is quite remarkable!  We have not seen any evidence of seizures which is amazing in and of itself, but Byron is SO much more present, alert and happy.  I imagine that, for him, there was a constant static or interference going on in his brain due to the malformation and spiking occurring almost constantly in his right right hemisphere.    Now, with a quiet brain, he can connect more with his heart, his good feeling and hopefully his intellect.  We have had a hard time getting the tutor here, she has missed two weeks already, but she is scheduled again to come on Monday.  I hope to hear from her that his academics are improved as well.  Byron has told us in the last two years that he "hates" school. I believe this is because, once the seizures started, it was simply exhausting to focus.

Here is a little video interview done today:


  1. This video makes me happy too. The increased happiness is contagious 😘🙏

  2. I am so, so happy for Byron, and you too!!!!
    Major difference!! Please give Byron my love,

  3. What a beautiful boy, and soul! There is a strong softness in him...So happy for Byron, and all of you! Thanks for sharing your journey with us; it is very inspiring!

  4. Byron, you are sooooooo inspiring! Sending much love. Tia

  5. What a great update Byron and Denise! Standing ovation =) May 2018 continue to bring health and healing!!!